GNVQ ICT - Intermediate

Unit 10 - Networks and Communications

Advantages and Disadvantages

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Stand-alone computers
Standard ways of working
Electronic communications
Advantages and Disadvantages
Using a network

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Advantages and disadvantages of using a network compared to a stand alone computer

Some Advantages Some Disadvantages
A user can logon to a computer anywhere on the network and access their work files from the file server If something goes wrong with the file server the whole network is unable to operate
Computers can be managed centrally - with the same software installed on each one The technical skills needed to manage a network are much higher than working on a stand-alone computer
Time - it is much faster to install an application once on a network - and copy it across the network to every workstation It would take a long time to install software applications on each computer - one at a time!
Sharing printers, plotters, modems etc saves money and time It can be frustrating to print to a printer in another room - and then find after a long trek - that there is no paper in the printer!
Security - the Network Manager can allocate usernames and passwords to all users to try to prevent unauthorised access Users may use up too much of the storage space and this may cause problems on the network
I is easy and convenient to monitor users - for example websites visited or documents printed - this can be done using software running on the server Users may use too much bandwidth - for example when listening to music files or watching video clips - preventing others from using the network facilities properly

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